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Skillful Warriors Call to Prayer is a multi-cultural gathering of women and men called to be prayer warriors who desire to draw away from mundane distractions to seek after and call for the manifestation of God’s power, promises, and purpose in their families, careers, ministries and communities.

“A phenomenal opportune time for women and men to bring about a dramatic, powerful, life changing, dream fulfilling shift…”

But a Prayer Call!

Not a Prayer Conference,


The mantle of prayer has been placed - stirring up a mighty move of God’s Spirit and life changing results…





Drawing strength from one another and using the strength of our collective prayer power we will stand together in certain victory.




God is shifting things in the spirit.  He is changing things just as we ask Him to do.  Together we can bring forth a Shift, Turn Around, Recompense, an Invasion of Grief with His Joy.


View the SWCP Video Invitation on the Total Living Network:

Registration is now open for 2020!!!

Skillful Women Call to Prayer starts in:

Mary Martin Stutts explains how SWCP got started on the "People Like You" TV show with KTLN:

SWCP DVDs/CDs are now available!


Purchase SWCP 2018 on DVD and Audio CD.

Ten Keys to Overcoming Disappointment

Authored by inspirational speaker, Mary Stutts, Ten Keys to Overcoming Disappointment is simultaneously an aid to fight emotional turmoil and a throwing down of the gauntlet to the reader to take up a renewed fervor to live and flourish! Drawn from over 20 years of counseling, ministry and personal challenges the book deals in a frank and concise manner with many of life's Disappointments and provides both practical and scriptural guidance.

Stutts writes..."I have found that no matter what outward expression or circumstance is being cited to me as a source of discouragement or a threat to living, if I dig deep enough the recurring and underlying culprit is disappointment. And it makes me furious. It is a sly, slick and formidable opponent, but it can be conquered. No matter how much disappointment one has experienced, it can be overcome".

Already in its second printing, Ten Keys to Overcoming Disappointment is dedicated to equip an army of over comers who will be unstoppable in the pursuit of excellence.


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SWCP DVDs/CDs are now available!


Purchase SWCP 2018 on DVD and Audio CD.

Power to Transform: Radical Decrees

Practical and scriptural examples of the importance of putting pressure on God's Word - not on people.

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